Special Report: Insider Secrets Mortgage Companies and Loan Officers DON’T want you to know about Veteran Loans

This Report will save you $100’s if not $1,000’s of dollars when applying for your VA Loan.

- “Knowledge is Power…. and if I may add to this phrase….. Ignorance is Costly.”-

#1 Credit is not a problem. The Veteran Administration does not have a credit score requirement. Regardless of your credit history you can be approved for a Veteran Loan. You need a qualified VA loan specialist and Realtor to guide you through this process.

#2 Veteran loans have a “funding fee” on top of the loan amount making the amount you finance slightly higher than the sales price. By all means the Administrations use of the funding fee is great because it allows us to approve these loans with no down payment which you totally deserve. BUT, if you are even slightly “DISABLED” you may be able to waive the funding fee totally which means lower cost to you. Saving money is always a good thing in our book, how about yours?

#3 No down payment does not mean no out-of-pocket-cost.  How many loan officers and Realtors advertise the “No Money Down VA Purchase” but fail to clarify what that really means? There is some upfront money involved but with your expert VA loan specialist and Realtor we can make sure you get all these funds back at closing. It feels like being paid to purchase a home of your own! It’s AWESOME and we know it sounds too good to be true…BUT IT REALLY IS!

#4 Wouldn’t it be great to purchase a home, payoff some debts, and get cash at the closing. You can do it with your Veteran home loan purchase. This is the little secret that can make the MOST difference for you in qualifying for your VA loan. But because other loan officers and mortgage companies don’t really know this you may purchase a home for $225,000 when you could have qualified for $275,000 which means more space for you and the family. Last I checked most kids grow bigger not smaller everyday!

#5 Did you know your Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) could possibly cover your entire mortgage? And you will give yourself a pay raise while becoming a new homeowner. The greatest tax deduction today is Mortgage Interest… the only thing the IRS likes better is kids!!

#6 Do you have to use your vet loans for financing?
No you don’t, you can use any other type of financial loan, Conventional or FHA.  However why would you? This loan is far superior when it has no down payment & on FHA it has 3 1/2% down payment. The VA loan has no down payment & no mortgage insurance. Of course you’re wondering about the funding fee and how it affects it, all you do is call your lender to ask for a comparison & you’ll see how this loan benefits you in the long run. But if you have to absolutely get an FHA loan, you can get a discounted down payment for veterans, another tip that people don’t want you to know.

#7 In our market today VA loans are preferred, the sister product of FHA loan, because the VA has what’s known as a “no flip rules”.  So these beautiful properties that have been renovated by investors are available to you because you’re a veteran.

#8 Even if your 10% disabled you have NO VA FUNDING FEE.

#9 Do you have a couple of collections or accounts that you need to have paid off possibly so that you can qualify to purchase a bigger home? Do you know the seller can pay off your debt and pay closing costs?  Of course it takes a great real estate negotiator & I have those on my team. So call today so that we can have the seller pay off your debt.

#10 Even if you have a bankruptcy or foreclosure & used your VA loan you may have what’s called ‘Bonus Entitlement’. Call today to put this loan into action & figure out how ‘Bonus Entitlement’ can benefit you.

I think you are the BEST. And therefore you deserve the BEST! Many times we trust our biggest financial decision to unqualified, eager salespeople without our best interests at heart.

Mark Coffman
Military Loan Specialist

Email: mcoffman@pikecreekloans.com

Phone: 302-494-6631

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